Do you have a Trotters story? Let us know. Thank you to all who have written us!

Just had to write and let you know that I purchased 2 pair of Trotters boots (Blast Too in black patent and a mid-calf pair in black also) in a hurry before the recent huge snowstorm the East Coast had over the past few days. They have got to be the best purchase I've made in a long time! I wore the mid-calf ones out shoveling for 2 straight days without socks on and my feet stayed so warm and dry I couldn't believe it. Plus they look great! I just had to pass along my compliments for such a well made product!! I had never purchased your brand before but I'll be on the lookout for it from now on. Thanks!

Claire D.

Jamie, Jackie, Liz, Doris.....they are all friends of my feet. Four years ago, I purchased two pairs of Jamie style shoes, one pair of Jackie, one pair of Doris and one pair of Liz. They have been the shoes I've worn predominantly in those four years because they fit very well and are so comfortable....not to mention how well they've held up. I have since taken up dancing and the Jamie style are terrific for dancing. They provide the arch support I need, have flexibility I need in the forward part of the shoe, and the criss-cross elastic straps keep them firmly in place, even during the most active dances. I have recently purchased four new pairs to expand my Trotters shoe selection and have my eyes on a few more pairs. Great shoes!

Nikki P.

I absolutely love my Trotters! I used to primarily own Naturalizer's but about eight years or so ago they drastically changed the make of their shoes. I searched and searched to find some comfortable fitting shoes and wasted a lot of money not finding them. You see, I've had a total of seven surgeries on my feet and comfy shoes are hard to locate! About five years ago I found the Trotters line at a store in San Antonio, TX and I fell in love! They are so comfortable and I can wear them all day at work and not have sore feet. Currently, I own Jamie in blue leather and black micro and Doreen in brown leather. These heel heights are the best for me. The store that I used to purchase them at has since closed but, amazingly, I can purchase Trotters online and they fit! Keep up the good work, Trotters!!!

Sandra M.

I am a devoted fan of Trotter’s DORIS shoe. When I finally found a shoe that I could wear to work with either a dress, a skirt or pants, I bought a pair in black, navy and brown. I have been wearing these shoes day in and day out and finally had to replace the black and brown pairs. While I couldn’t find the DORIS shoe in any local store, I was thrilled to be able to order them online. I received the two pairs yesterday and I am looking forward to “breaking them in” as well as to ordering other colors in the future!

Robyn L.

I have had a horrible time finding the exact, right shoes for work. A combination of the perfect business casual, yet professional at the same time, without wanting to wear high heels, is what I was looking for. Also love wearing patterned dress socks! I think I spent years looking for the right shoes and finally found a pair of Trotters that were unbelievably perfect. Well, the store only had one color and so I immediately went onto your website to try and break that pattern that happens when you find the perfect shoes and then you can't find them again. I bought one in every color, and then six months later, bought another pair in basic black, so that I would have them when the first ones wore out. Now I am getting ready to buy one in every other color AGAIN, just in case they got discontinued or something. By the way, the style is "Ash" and I only wish they came in even more colors because I would buy them ALL!

Thanks, Trotters, for making it so much easier for me to get up and get to work each morning!

Andrea H.

I ordered two pair of Trotters and received them earlier this week. I had to leave early this a.m. for a church service 70 miles away and really hesitated to wear a new pair of shoes all day as I have bunions on both feet and metatarsal issues. I wore the Nina flats in cork and planned to take another pair to switch off. I wore them from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and my feet were happy all day. Two strangers asked me after the service what brand the shoes were and where I purchased them. Later at a luncheon with my sisters both asked where I purchased them. They really liked the look of them and both knowing I have some bad foot problems questioned how I could wear such classy shoes all day and not be in pain. Love these Trotters and am fighting the temptation to order another pair of Nina's in a different color.

Rose V.

I tried on my first pair of Trotters and felt my feet had come home! They gave me the same feeling as my favorite leaher gloves do for my hands...! Wow! Who would have thought there was such a feeling for feet and I had to wait until my senior years to find it!!

Thank you very much, I look forward to my senior years with comfortable feet in Trotters!

Connie M.

I have always had big feet — size 10. When I was in my teens complaining about it, my grandpa said, “Well honey, it is better than no feet at all.” And after those words of wisdom, I felt better about my big feet. Problem is, after each of my children were born, my feet got wider and wider. Now, I wear 10EE, and can really ONLY buy shoes online. Trotters are one of the few pairs of shoes that are both comfortable and look stylish. Thank, you for making good-looking shoes for those of us with big feet!

Thanks Trotters!

Eliza K.

I have a narrow foot and it is almost impossible to find shoes at our local stores to fit a narrow foot. A friend and I happened into a Christensen's store in St. George, Utah, that carried Trotters shoes. I hadn't really heard of Trotters before, but I found a basic black pump that was just what I was looking for--this has been two years ago, and it has been one of the most comfortable shoes I have owned. I am a Trotters fan !!!

Lois L.

Traveling with New Shoes

one of my predictable patterns for many trips over many years. I tend to decide last minute that the trip absolutely requires new shoes. Pay-back: I play (and typically lose) the “comfort” lottery as increasingly unhappy feet carry me through airports, business meetings, or sightseeing. With super-wide, but short feet, finding attractive, comfortable shoes with the versatility to match several outfits posed a challenging problem.

Since discovering Trotters -- problem solved! Right out of the box, almost all my choices have fit perfectly requiring no “break-in” time. At home or on travel they look and feel like the quality shoes they are. My most recent Trotters purchase – “Dea” low-heel sling back shoes --traveled with me from Washington DC to Seattle within hours after they were purchased. Nary a blister nor painful minute to report! Thank you Trotters!

Pat B.

I am from Texas live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. I first brought a pair of Liz store back in 2000 this was when an Nordstrom Store open up close to my home. I work in Customer Service which means I am on my feet up to 10hours a day. I have only had one pair at first and I notice how comfortable wearing them it was my feet hard about nothing like before I also like them due to I can wear them with what I am wearing that day and not worried about how it going to close. Also I went out and got me another pair in another color.. I have never have a problem with them until the last few months and it not due to the wears of the shoes it due to the new dog that my husband and I got. He thank that everything in our house is his so he got hold of one pair and now I am not able to wear them..

I kept telling my husband I am going to get me another pair. But right now it is not in my budget to where I can do it…I lost my Mother and I had to take care of her final needs.. But I do plan on getting me not just one pair but two pairs to replace the ones that I have now..But I do tell other people about your shoes and how comfortable that than are I am wearing an pair of shoes right now that are high heels but nowhere as comfortable as your shoes are.. I LOVE MY LIZ SHOES……

Judy W.

Before discovering a retailer that carried Trotters in my neighborhood, I wasted innumerable hours looking for dress shoes that fit properly and were comfortable. Because Trotters carries a wide range of fashionable shoes, I no longer bother going to any store that does not carry Trotters. Thank you for recognizing that not everybody is a B width!

Corinne C.

I love my Maine Trotters!

I recently went to a convention at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel. I wore a pair of low-heeled, sling-back Trotters to complement a business outfit that I was wearing. The shoes were in brand-new out-of-the-box condition. I wore the shoes from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm, dashed to my room to change for an evening dinner, and wore the same shoes until 1:30 am – when the dinner and gala were over! During the day, my Trotters carried me (quite comfortably, I might add!) from my room on the 24th floor of Bally’s to the convention and exhibit areas, up and down multiple exhibit aisles, and off to various seminar rooms throughout the day! In the evening, my feet got a break while sitting during dinner and speeches, but then I was on my feet dancing into the wee hours.

I could never have done this with any other brand of shoe right out of the box, but your quality and comfort is paralleled and I have recommended your brand to any other female within earshot!

I am seriously, and deliriously happy with your shoes and I appreciate your attention to both detail and comfort!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Kathy M.